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The social reach of the internet has disrupted the way business is done. Education and Training could not remain far away from its disruption. The overall architecture and design of learning is changing to suit the needs of the millennials, the content, teaching/training methodology, delivery, and assessment mechanisms, all aimed at tangible gains such as Employment.

Learnjobs is a 360° solution.

It has knowledge products for those willing to learn on the go as well as for those wanting to engage in more in-depth education. There are solutions for those with a need or desire to upskill and for the ones who simply wish to self-assess. It is a warehouse of talent with a rich database of potential job seekers and a platform of choice for the best in the industry to post their talent requirements.

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentoring is a unique method of supporting students to improve their learning and leadership skills, motivating them towards their future career development. With this in mind, our organization has a mentorship program wherein the students will be mentored by industry professionals who will use their skills, experience, and knowledge to support and guide students in developing career management skills and making decisions about their future. The Industry Mentoring Program provides a unique opportunity for students to directly connect with industry representatives in a mentor-mentee program. Industry mentors will interact with student mentees to provide them with a deeper insight into professional environments and their future careers.

    Gain a deeper understanding: ‍This program gives students the opportunity to develop an understanding of real-life in the engineering industry and the range of opportunities in the field. They can also learn from the experiences of industry professionals and their diverse career paths.

    Build a strong foundation: Plan your future career. During this program, you will be able to build a professional network through valuable networking events and improve your employability and soft skills.

  • MTech Program (Work Integrated)

  • Short-term Courses

  • Internship Program

  • Source Train & Deploy

  • Live Classroom Training

  • Off-Campus Recruitment Drive

  • Career Planning